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What is CoGeneration?

Also known as ‘combined heat and power’ (CHP) and ‘total energy’, Cogeneration is the simultaneous generation of heat and power, both of which are used.

Encompassing a range of technologies, Cogeneration will always include an electricity generator and a heat recovery system.

Cogeneration offers energy savings of between 25-45 per cent compared to conventional electricity and heat supply from power stations and boilers.

What is TriGeneration?

TriGenertation permits even greater operational flexibility for businesses with demands for heating as well as cooling.

TriGeneration power plants are a CoGeneration unit with the addition of Absorption Chillers that use the captured (or rejected) heat and uses it to produce chilled water creating 3 energy sources from a single fuel source.

TEDOM GHP Combined Heating & Cooling Technology

Urban Energy supply TEDOM GHP technology that is compact, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, environmentally-friendly and highly efficient.

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