Co/Trigeneration:  Maintenance Contracts

We offer standard service packages but also take a flexible approach in tailoring maintenance packages to suit specific installation requirements. We also offer service packages outside of Urban Energy’s own installations, as our technicians are fully trained in engine maintenance, including complete overhauls.

Premier Service

The Premier Service option includes:

  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Automatic SOS alert
  • Fuel efficiency and energy production reports
  • Communication with central operation centre
  • Remote SOS alert
  • Part identification system
  • Remote fault diagnostic and rectification
  • Environmentally safe waste product disposal
  • Oil analysis program
  • Dedicated site engineer
  • Routine servicing, minor and major overhauls, including parts and labour

Premier Plus

A ‘fit and forget’ solution to Cogeneration system operation and service, where Urban Energy takes over daily management, providing all maintenance. This option includes the benefits of the premier service plus additional parts and labour. The Premier Plus service is a fixed-cost maintenance service covering all eventualities and giving security over annual running costs.

Urban Energy finance

In certain circumstances, Urban Energy will pay for your Cogeneration system, operate and maintain it under our Finance Agreement (reduced energy purchase), providing all the benefits of a Premier Plus Service Contract. In return the client buys electricity and thermal energy from the Cogeneration system at a set rate. The benefit is that any remaining value in the client’s asset can be realised while enjoying low cost, low risk energy.

Remote monitoring

For those with experience of gas engine and Cogeneration management and maintenance, we can provide monitoring services including provision and maintenance of remote diagnostics, help desk, automatic re-start, monthly performance reports, and enhanced remote programming.

Urban Energy offers remote clients real-time data via a telephone line or LAN. Fault alerting by email or SMS messaging is also available and can be used on all of our systems.

Technical support

Technical support contracts provide onsite and remote assistance, with packages designed to suit the individual needs of each client.