Co/Trigeneration:  Procurment Options

Solutions can be implemented either as a capital purchase or as a fully funded build, own, operate (BOO) facility. A combination of flexible and competitive finance options and innovative technology developed in-house means Urban Energy can provide a cost-effective, proven and fully-integrated service.

Procurment options include:

  • Capital purchase
  • Urban Energy finance
  • Reduced energy purchase (REP)
  • Energy services performance contracting (ESPC)
  • Flexible finance and project funding


Our finance options are tailored to individual requirements regardless of project size, cost or complexity.

Standard financing solutions include:

Reduced energy purchase (REP)

Urban Energy installs, operates and finances the Cogeneration system at no cost to the client and simply sells the energy produced at a discounted rate.

Energy services performance contracting (ESPC)

ESPC guarantees real reductions in utility consumption associated with the provision and operation of various energy efficient technologies (Cogeneration, Trigeneration etc). This turnkey approach to energy management can be provided at no capital cost to the customer.

Flexible finance and project funding

Project-specific funding, individually designed to best fit the customer.