Services:  Solar Thermal

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Urban Energy Australasia offer custom designs to suit your home heating needs. Our most popular solutions include:

Hydronics – Underfloor hydronic heating solutions (Solar/Gas/Electric)

    • Hydronics is the name for the use of water as the heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. Hydronics are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool buildings. We at Urban Energy Australasia take pride in being a leader in hydronic heating design and installation to both the domestic and commercial markets. We offer hydronic heating packages using solar, gas and electric heat sources.

We have installed numerous projects across Sydney, both residential and commercial and all across Australia. Why not have a look at our project page for projects we have completed in Sydney, on the North Shore, the central coast as well as Melbourne in fact all across Australia. If you are considering installing underfloor heating in your new build project or in a renovation, please give us a call for expert advice on hydronic underfloor heating. We are able to provide the best underfloor heating services in Australia.

Hot water – (Solar/Gas/Electric)

  •  We offer a range of solutions to supply your domestic hot water using gas, electricity or solar power.

Having hot water readily available is something that we generally take for granted these days but the best way to achieve this can leave some people in fluster. We have decades of experience in designing and installing both domestic and commercial hot water systems across Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet your specific projects requirements. From instantaneous hot water, to solar gas boosted systems, from apartments to hotels, we have provided systems for a host of projects across Australia. We can work with you, using our expert knowledge to find the best solution for your project.

Solar Collection – Sunda Evacuated tubes

  • We import the Sunda evacuated tube solar collectors into Australia. The Sunda Seido evacuated tube is a market leader offering a modular design with great solar thermal efficiency.

Deciding to harness the suns solar energy is one decision that should be easy to make. Solar hot water has developed remarkably over the past couple decades with systems becoming more efficient than ever. Our preferred method is via evacuated tube, with a greater area than the more traditional flat plate collector, able to be used in temperatures below freezing, making then ideal for areas like Canberra, the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains, and still they provide excellent performance in overcast conditions. The advantages are numerous. Please contact us for more information.

Solar Storage – LATENTO solar storage

  • The Latento is a completely new development in storage technology and has been developed and designed for modern heating systems. The aim was to build a highly effective and flexible storage tank for modern systems and their specific problems. In modern systems, effective storage technology is largely decisive for the optimum function and efficiency of the systems.

Control – Individual room control system

  • We offer a range of thermostatic control products from Heatmiser and Sorel.

Pool heating - (Solar/Gas/Electric)

  • We are able to design, supply and install a system that is tailored to heat and maintain your pool or spa at your desired temperature. 
  • Our team of engineers is able to design systems that includes pool heating in your home and water heating package.

Heat RejectionSolar heat rejection to pool, spa or ground loop

  • If you wish to maximise the available solar contribution to your hydronic heating system during the winter it is important that you are able to harness the additional energy you have during the summer. Heat rejection to your pool or spa is an ideal way to do this.