Solar Thermal:  Control

We two solar control products – Heatmiser and Sorel.


The Heatmiser Network System allows the temperature of each room in your house to be controlled individually. Control your heating centrally from our Colour Touch screen or remotely by text message and over the internet from anywhere in the world.



From small to complex: The TDC controllers make every solar system intuitively operable.

  • Clearly written illuminated full text display.
  • Convenient menu with text and graphic mode without confusing abbreviations.
  • Internationally understandable with up to 18 languages included.
  • Self-explanatory operation: The assigned functions are shown in the display right above the respective input key.
  • Easy and quick installation with the integrated setup wizard.
  • Several pre-defined and extendible hydraulic variants for reliable configuration of individual systems.
  • Different options of assembly such as wall assembly, integration to a pump group or mounting to a switch panel.
  • According to the type of device, different options for enhancement are provided:
    • Ethernet or CAN Bus interface for remote control and data logging
    • 0…10V and PWM output for speed-control of high-efficiency pumps
    • Freely assignable relays for flexible function extension
    • UL/CSA-approved 115V version for North America available