Solar Thermal:  Hydronics

Experts at in slab hydronics, solar, gas boosted, Urban Energy. AustralasiaHydronics is the name for the use of water as the heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. Hydronics are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool buildings.

We at Urban Energy Australasia take pride in being a leader in hydronic heating design and installation to both the domestic and commercial markets.

We offer hydronic heating packages using solar, gas and electric heat sources.

PRINETO Hydronics

We use the PRINETO Surface heating system which is globally accepted as one of the leading hydronics systems. The PRINETO surface heating system is ideal for underfloor heating in both wet and dry laying methods (e.g. for renovating old buildings).

Hydronic heating and cooling systems are suitable for residential and industrial buildings, as well as open spaces, public and sports facilities.

Underfloor heating systems offer an increase in energy efficiency over traditional methods. This increase is due to a number of facts:

  • Water circulates within the system at low temperatures (35°C – 40°C) making gas boilers, wood fired boilers, and heat pumps significantly more efficient.
  • Rooms with underfloor heating are cooler near the ceiling, where heat is not required, but warmer underfoot, where comfort is most required.
  • Traditional radiators are frequently positioned underneath poorly insulated windows, heating them unnecessarily.

PRINETO pipes are made exclusively of cross-linked polyethylene, and are therefore highly resistant to ageing and will provide long term leak-proof connections without additional sealing materials.

Drinking water piping systems – PRINETO is the piping system for cold and heated drinking water in buildings with flexible and dimensionally stable plastic pipes of cross-linked polyethylene PE-X and fittings of dezincification- resistant special brass.