IVTIVT stands for innovative solutions for plumbing and heating. Apart from our patented Prineto plastic pipe system, we also produced the highly efficient Latento solar layer storage system.

TEDOM Cogeneration

TEDOM CogenerationThe concept of cogeneration means the combined heat and electricity (CHP). Unlike the classic power plant, where heat produced together with electricity is wasted into the environment – CHP units use generated heat for heating and thus save fuel which would be burnt in boilers for producing that heat.


HeatmiserThe Heatmiser Network System allows you to control your heating centrally, from our Colour Touchscreen, remotely by text message and over the internet from anywhere in the world.


SorelAs a manufacturer of solar and heating controllers, we are affected by the environmental protection idea of viewing energy as being of precious value. Our goal is developing products which serve to save fossil resources by optimising heating systems.

Combining the increasing complexity of electronic devices with understandable user guidance is our philosophy. We thus supply our customers with sophisticated, user-friendly controllers with the appropriate accessories.


BoschWhether you have a small studio apartment, family home or commercial business, Bosch can tailor the right hot water system for optimal efficiency and supply of endless hot water.


Sunda SolarBeijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading manufacturer of evacuated tube solar collectors. Sunda was jointly founded by the DASA and SUNPU in 1995, based on two parties’ research in the solar thermal field for over 10 years. Although it has very proud history, Sunda has been working hard on manufacturing and R&D excellence ever since.


SolarNextScarcity of natural resources and increased environmental awareness lead to an unprecedented shift in society and politics worldwide. This development was the motivation for the foundation of SolarNext in 2006.


EcoLeaseProviding commercial financial solutions for:

  • Asset and General Business Equipment
  • Commercial Property
  • Cash Flow & Insurance Funding

Ecolease can assist you with your commercial financial needs, whether they be equipment leasing, commercial property finance, cash flow funding or insurance premium funding.

World Energy

World EnergyWorld Energy co., LTD. was founded in 2004, for the purpose of developing, producing, selling Absorption Machines including Absorption Heat Pump, Double-Effect Exhaust Gas Driven Absorption Machine, Single-Effect Double-Lift Hot Water Driven Absorption Machine, and Single-Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption Machine.

With our technology of international standards in development, design and manufacture of Absorption Machines, we provide Absorption Machines for domestic and foreign markets. Our Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps are custom designed aiming at high efficiency, high quality and high capacity.