Projects:  Byron Bay Residence

Urban Energy have designephoto2d supplied and installed a combination solar/gas hydronics and hot water system for this architecturally stunning new home in Byron Bay.

Working with Peter Stutchbury Architecture and Todd Knaus Constructions we have delivered a 6 zone in slab hydronic heating system. Covering an area of 159m2, the hydronic heating uses 17mm Prineto piping set out at 200mm centres. The heated zones are controlled by individual room thermostats and a central control pad. A forward flow temperature of 45oC is distributed through the hydronics achieving a finished floor temperature of approximately 25oC and an ambient air room temperature of 21oC at 1.5m above the finished floor level in hydronic areas. Once the heated area has reaches its desired set point temperature, the system consumes approximately 9kW to maintain a heat loss of 1oC.


As well as the underfloor heating the Urban Energy system also provides all the hot water requirements for the home. With an allowance of 200 Litres of Hot water per day and a peak flow rate of 0.2L/sec was determined as the requirements of this system, however the system provided will supply well in excess of this requirement providing a peak cable flow rate of 1.04L/sec and a continuous supply of 1076.56 litres per hour at a 45oC rise.


With 4 banks of Solar thermal tubes contributing a yearly average of 50kWh per day any excess heat not used by the domestic hot water system or the hydronic heating system is directed to the pool via 28kW heat exchanger.


The system provides Co2 reductions of 45kg per day replacing heat generated from the electricity grid.