Projects:  Elephant Facility, Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Indian Elephant

Following on from the successful project providing underfloor heating to the Lemur beds in their new enclosure at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Urban Energy Australasia have been engaged to provide under floor heating for a slightly larger clients bed, the elephants at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, in Dubbo.

As part of the new development of a new state of the art enclosure, Urban Energy Australasia is providing a sustainable heating solution to the facility that will not only provide the elephants with a warm bed for the night but will also provide the keepers with hot water to clean down the enclosure and probably most importantly, at least for the keepers, hot showers in the their changing area.

The project which is due to complete this Spring, consists of 2 Lanteno hot water storage tanks, using 4 Sunda solar evacuated tube panels to provide the majority of the hot water requirements for the new facility and having Bosch 2 burners as standby heaters if the weather is uncharacteristically cloudy for a prolonged period or if there is high demand on hot water.
As the project progresses we will update you with more information.