Projects:  Kempsey Aged Care

Kempsey aged care FredricktonUrban Energy providing heating and hot water for an aged care facility.

Project Scope
The Kempsey Aged Care Facility is an existing an existing 145 bed facility with extensive hot water requirements for use in showering, meal preparation and sanitisation services. Urban Energy have assited by providing an effiecent, low running cost and maintenance, high life expectancy solar hybrid hot water system as described below.

System Design 

Standalone solar/heat pump/gas boosted hot and warm water system.
The basic principle of the hot water system is as follows:

  • Heat from the sun is collected by the 20 solar collectors.
  • This heat is then stored in 4 x 580L solar stratified preheat storage tanks.
  • A 16kW heat pump also services the preheat tanks when the sun is not shining.
  • Water then moves tot the finishing tanks which are serviced by 4 high efficiency gas boilers keeping the outlet water temperature above 60oC. The finished hot water then either enters the mains hot water ring or is used for heating.

Carbon Dioxide and cost savings of the installed system has an estimated saving of 94 tonnes CO2 per year compared with electric element heating.
Over a 15 year lifetime, each panel is equivalent to planting 353 trees The total array is equivalent to planting 7050 trees.
By installing this efficient alternative energy hybrid hot water system, the Kempsey Aged Care facility has saved significant quantities of carbon dioxide, the main contributor to global warming. The facility has also reduced the running costs of the hot water plant significantly.
Below is an estimation of the amount of hot water used by the facility per day and the resultant Carbon Dioxide emissions from this system and alternative systems.
Expected hot water consumption = 6,060l/day @ 65oC.
Expected heat requirement = 352kWh/day
The current system covers 68% of this demand by using solar thermal panels, please see the graph below to see the CO2 outputs and running costs of the various possible systems.

Solar Collection and heat pump Package
20 x Seido 1/16 Sunda Evacuated tube collector’s with pitching frames
Expected daily (yearly average) output 240 kWh
Expected daily summer output 340 kWh/day
Expected daily winter output 140 kWh/day
1 x 16KW Heat pump services the Preheat tanks if required
Solar Storage Plant
4 x LATENTO BW 580 Litre storage tanks
Heat storage capacity (15 – 90 degrees) 202 kWh
Peak flow rate 4 L/sec
Auxiliary Gas boosting Plant
4 x Bosch 32 250Mj High efficiency Boilers
84% efficiency – 56kW each, 224kW combined power
0.8kg of CO2 saving per kWh delivered compared with direct electric element heating

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