Projects:  Lemur Forest Adventures

Urban Energy are providing comforting underfloor heating in the new state of the art lemur enclosure at Taronga Zoo.

Solar thermal heating for Lemurs Lemur enclosure hillthalis

Working in conjunction with Taronga Conservation Society, architects Hill Thalis and Stephen Edwards Construction, Urban Energy have provided a Solar hydronic heating system for the new Lemur enclosure. The welfare and comfort of the Lemurs has been a design priority on this project and providing hydronic heating to the night den areas, Urban Energy has helped to create a comfortable and hospitable environment for the lemurs.

Taronga Zoo strives to achieve sustainability and reduce environmental impact in all of its activities. Urban Energy has also been able to help them continue this philosophy. The original concept was to solely use gird electricity to heat the water for the hydronic heating, Urban Energy was able to offer a solar alternative that by utilising the power of the sun allowed Taronga Zoo to reduce the carbon foot print of the project by 8212.5kg per year*. Urban Energy supplied a solution including a Latento Multi Coil Tank with a 9kw electric heating element, two banks of solar thermal evacuated tubes and the hydronic piping. Special optical coating on the evacuated tubes transforms more than 92% of the incoming solar radiation into heat. The energy is then stored in the Latento heat exchange storage tank directing the thermal energy to the enclosure. The radiant temperature and timing is controlled by a thermostatic control system.


*carbon foot print reduction calculated on average daily saving of 22.5kg per day of Solar replacing heat generated from the electricity grid.
**images Hill Thalis & Taronga Zoo